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Understanding cryptography and ciphers

Understanding cryptography and ciphers is not as complicated as people might think. It has been around for thousands of years. In ancient times people tried to translate messages from one language to another or substituting characters, this is a type of cryptography. Non-mathematical cryptography include substitution and transposition. Steganography is another example of non-mathematical cryptography in which information is hidden within other information, such as a picture. A cipher is a method used to encode characters to hide their value. Ciphering is the process of using a cipher to encode a method.

Substitution ciphers change one  character symbol into another. For example, in a sentence, every instance of z is a substitute of  a and every instance of t is a substitute for b. This method is not very secure.

A transposition cipher involves transposing or scrambling letters in a certain  manner. The message is broken into blocks of equal size, and each block is then scrambled. Hybrid systems are sometimes used in which two or more types of cryptography are used.

The use of mathematical processes on characters or messages are known as [read more]

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